Christine Moore

  PhotoDr. Christine Moore is Global Head and Executive Director, GRACS CMC – Policy at Merck. Christine recently joined Merck after 11 years in various positions at FDA, including Acting Director of the Office of New Drug Quality Assessment and of the Office of Process and Facilities. Her background is in chemical and biochemical engineering with 10 years of industry experience in API development, scale-up and tech transfer. Throughout her career, Christine has focused on the development of scientific and regulatory approaches for advancing pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, modernizing regulatory approaches and progressing international harmonization. She has presented at numerous ISPE conferences and Co-Chaired the 2015 ISPE-FDA-PQRI Quality Manufacturing Conference. Christine has been recognized with external industry awards as well as internal agency awards during her tenure at FDA. Christine holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University.